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Cross Country Skiing 

As the days get shorter and cooler, the avid skier has only one thing on his mind, “Where can I go for some great cross country skiing?” If you live in the United States, there are dozens of states that cater to skiers. You will not be at a loss for excellent trails.  Among the states to choose from are Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

One of the most popular states for skiing is Colorado. In this state, there are trails for downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding and many other winter activities. But let’s talk about cross country skiing in Colorado. This style of skiing is very different than downhill, for obvious reasons. While many people prefer the thrill of downhill skiing, cross country allows the skier to move at a relaxed pace and drink in all the beauty around him. When skiing downhill, you’re going so fast, you miss the beauty that surrounds you. Cross country skiing allows you to sift through the powdery snow and take in the snow covered trees, the magnificent horizon and perhaps even see a bit of wildlife.

In Colorado, there are dozens of lodges to stay at, including Winter Park Resort, Beaver Creek Lodge and Breckenridge Lodge. Here you can relax by the fire in the cozy main lodge, sip warm drinks and toast your tootsies after a long day of skiing. The trails are perfectly set up and designated to include paths for beginners as well as advanced cross country skiers. You can also select trails that would be suitable for children.

It really doesn’t take much equipment for cross country skiing. The skis are thinner than downhill skis and the boots used for cross country skiing are more like shoes than the big clunky boots used for downhill. These special shoes simply click onto the ski from the toe area only. This allows the skier to lift their heel which is the proper form used to cross country ski.

The ski length and pole height is based on your own height. Skiers are measured and then fitted with the proper size equipment. A helmet isn’t necessary; however a stocking cap is critical. Since heat from your body escapes through the top of your head, you need to keep it covered so you don’t freeze while out in the cold weather. Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from the bright glare of the snow.  Just like being at the beach in the sun, the snow can create a blinding glare that can cause severe eye problems of your eyes are unprotected with sunglasses. Also, you can easily carry a backpack when you cross country ski to carry a little snack, drink and even a first aid kit for those unexpected emergencies.

So if you’re looking to go cross country skiing in Colorado, select a cozy lodge, get fitted for skies and equipment, and enjoy nature at its finest while gently skiing through some of the most beautiful trails there is!