Long Distance Moving

Moving Cross Country

You never know what life will throw at you. One day you’re doing great and the next day, you need to find a new job, or you need to move back home or maybe you’ve got a promotion. Many of life’s unexpected situations cause you to move. Sometimes the move can be close or it can lead you across the country.

Moving across the country is different than moving a few miles away.  When you pack to move in the next town, it may be rushed and only given minimal effort on your part. Things are tossed into a truck or back of car while books and dishes are tossed into a box without much thought. When you need to move across the country, packing takes on a whole different meaning.

When you move across the country, a reliable moving company must be selected. You need to research each potential company online and ensure that they are professional, reliable, have been in business for a while and it is also helpful to read the testimonials on their website.  Testimonials are an invaluable source because it allows you to read what other customers think about this particular moving company.

After selecting a moving company, you need to decide whether you will pack or they will pack. When the moving company packs, they carefully wrap and protect all your breakables and treasures. They load the truck and you have to do virtually nothing. This is a great option but it comes at an additional cost. If you prefer to pack yourself, as many people want to ensure their precious things are handled only by them, simply contact the moving company when you’re ready to load up the truck. The will come to your home and pack all the boxes and furniture in their semi-truck and begin the trek across country to your new home.

Another way to transport your things when moving cross country is to rent a pod. This is a movable storage container the size of a large room.  It is off loaded onto your driveway or elsewhere on your property and you can fill it as fast or slow as you want. Once loaded, a truck comes to pick up the mobile storage unit and loads it either onto a train or a semi which delivers it to your new destination.  When you arrive at your home, your storage container will be placed on your driveway and you can unload your belongings at your own pace.  When the container is empty, the company will come back and remove it.

So as you can see, moving cross country is very different than moving across town. More thought and organization is needed to ensure your journey is a smooth one. Whether you do it yourself or hire a moving company, ensure it is a smooth journey.