Long Distance

Cross Country Traveling

You’ve been thinking about this trip for an entire year. Your bags are packed and the flight is on time. Preparing for your trip and planning ahead will ensure your travels cross country will be exciting and not stressful. Follow the tips below to make your travels easier:


When you prepare for any event, it guarantees less stress and more fun. Preparing involves flight, hotel, transportation, meals, sightseeing and events. The first step, after you’ve decided where to travel cross country, is to plan your flight. Online searches will be the easiest way to find flights at the time you wish to travel. When travelling cross country, keep in mind the time changes and account for that when you book a flight. You want to make sure you have enough rest before flying and not have jet lag when you arrive cross country.

Once your flight is set, hotels and transportation are next on the planning list. Again, online searches are the most effective way to compare pricing and amenities when you travel cross country. Depending on your destination, you want to look at the lifestyle surrounding your hotel. If you are travelling cross country to New York City, you need to expect lots of nightlife and activity 24 hours a day. On the other hand, if you’re travelling cross country to “Wine Country” in northern California, like is a bit more relaxed and laid back. Many events and activities will be during the daytime and early evenings.


Now comes the fun part, packing for your trip. When you’re travelling cross country, packing your suitcase means the trip is near and your excitement increases. For many people, packing can be a chore, such as a business meeting, again, that you must travel across the country and packing is not a thrilling activity. However, if your traveling takes you across the country to a destination you’ve been planning for a year or two, packing is the start of your adventure. Keep in mind the climate where you’ll be staying and check the local weather stations for average temperatures during that time of year. It is easy to forget when travelling cross country to Florida, for example, that you will not need heavy sweatshirts or jackets. You may not even need long pants because locals wear shorts almost the entire year.


Have an itinerary to keep yourself on schedule for your flight and cab transportation, as well as any other important information you’ll need during your travels cross country. Keep the toll free phone numbers handy to call the airport to ensure your flight is on time (or delayed). Keep your passport and drivers license close by for security purposes. Travelling cross country can take many hours and you need to be on top of any airplane changes you need to make on your journey. Most times we don’t get the nonstop flight and are forced to change planes one or two times. Keeping an itinerary lest you plan what to do in the amount of time you have between flights. Critical to have this information close so you don’t miss a flight.